Ray Brehm and Paul Brodie have brought together a group of experts to help you

to create an audience and build a thriving business around your book.

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Ray Brehm and Paul Brodie have brought together a group of experts to help you

to create an audience and build a thriving business around your book.


​Join 1,000s of people just like YOU and start creating a thriving author business!

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Ray Brehm's Traffic Masters

If you are an author or entrepreneur who wants to build a larger audience, make connections experts in your niche and make some money in the process, this may be the most important book you read this year, here's why...

In Traffic Masters, we will help you customize your summit by reverse engineering it. You must determine what happens after your summit before you start planning your summit. There is a method to do this that will save you 100s of hours. And if you plan your summit properly, the rest will take care of itself.

It's more than just creating your summit plan, though, here's what else you will learn:

  • How to host a summit in 90 days, even if you don't know what a summit is yet

  • I need a big audience to host a summit, right?? WRONG!!

  • Why you should never wait and get all your ducks in a row before you start your summit

  • How to eliminate imposter syndrome with one simple technique

  • The truth about using a virtual summit as a rite of passage

  • Say Goodbye to obscurity when you do this one simple thing

  • 3 ways to create a book from your summit (and make it a bestseller with very little effort)

  • Why summits that don't advertise make more money

  • How to find speakers for your summit virtually on autopilot

  • What to do if your dream speaker turns you down

  • How to ensure your summit makes money

  • And much, much more...

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Featured Expert Sessions

Day 1

Tom Antion

How to Exponentially Explode Your Sales and Your Income Through Public Speaking

How to make your book lead to something much bigger financially. How to stand out in front of the crowd to exponentially explode your sales and income. In this session, Tom discusses what people need to know to be influential and highly compensated public speakers.

Derek Doepker

How to Publish Books That Actually Sell

We go into how to design covers that will help you sell your book, including how to pick the best cover option. We also cover book marketing. Specifically, we discuss the ASPIRE method Derek uses and teaches.

John Tighe

Nine Components That Will Make Your Book Much More Successful

Foundations you need for successful book marketing. There are certain things you need to have in place, without which all the marketing you do, whether it's paid or social or on Amazon, is not going to work very well.

We will do a high-level overview of the nine components that will make your book much more successful. If you get it wrong, your book is not going to convert. The browsers will not turn into buyers. You need to do this before you start spending time and money on marketing your book.

Qatarina Wanders

How to Effectively and Efficiently Edit Your Books

In this session with Qatarina, we went into great detail about the tips and tricks on how to effectively and efficiently edit your books. We also talked about some specific editing techniques that can help you improve your writing!

Geoff Affleck

12 Tips to Improve Your Amazon Ads Results

If you've been trying to boost your book sales through Amazon ads without much luck, this session is for you! In this expert session with Geoff, he shared 12 proven tips to help you improve your Amazon ads results. So whether you're a total beginner or you've been running ads for a while, there's something here for you.

Monique Danielle

Profitable Formatting Secrets

In this expert session, Monique Danielle shares all the "secrets to formatting the big guys don't want you to know." Learn from this amazing interactive session with Monique and the powerful DIY software, Atticus.

Ray Brehm

How to Save a Fortune and Build An Author Platform with Pubfunnels

In this expert session, Ray walks through why he founded Pubfunnels software for authors, and provides a quick demo. He shares why for the right author, it is most likely a no-brainer to consolidate and simplify the tech (the Bestseller Secrets Summit is run on Pubfunnels).

Day 2

Tom Antion

Use Podcasts to Put You on the Map Overnight

Tom has done 800 episodes of his own podcast, Screw the Commute. Kris was actually recently a guest on Tom's podcast (ep. 784). Tom has been a guest on over 1,000 shows and has been invited back as many as 13 times.

We will cover how Tom was invited to the White House because of the podcast, the Facebook hack that can put you in front of hundreds of thousands of people, and how to get extremely expensive podcast agencies to work for you for free.

Shelby Leigh

Social Media Marketing for Authors

In this session, you’ll learn how to grow steadily and consistently over time, with fans and followers that stay with you over time, as well. We cover which platform is the easiest right now to grow organically on, what kind of content you should record, how to grab attention at the beginning of your video, how often you should post, etc.

Karen Ferreira

A-Z on Successfully Publishing Picture Books in under 1 Hour

Want to write a children's book for your children, which you can also offer as a product? This session is a masterclass on writing children's books. We cover a breakdown of ages for children's books and what kind of books are appropriate for each age group. We then dive into how to put together a picture book for the 2-5 or 5-8 age group.

We cover the page count, how those books are consumed, the topics, the importance of seeing the illustrator as co-creator of the book, the importance of character arcs, and why children's books are extremely important for a child's development. We also cover how to market children's books, including using reader magnets, using book promotion sites, etc. We also speak about how to print your children's books and which distributors to use.

Matt Stone

How to Create Book Covers That Sell

Check out Matt's tips on how to get affordable book covers that will grab your readers' attention. Learn how to find out what works for different fiction and non-fiction genres, where to find inspiration for great book covers, and how to come up with a title that will help your cover stand out. Plus, hear Matt's thoughts on AI and dealing with increased competition in the self-publishing space.

Alex Strathdee

A Step-by-Step Process to Follow to Set Up Your Ads Correctly

How to use Amazon ads to their fullest potential. We cover a step-by-step process to follow to set up your ads correctly, at which point is it too early for you to run ads, why Amazon doesn't spend ad budget for some ads, what you need to fix to make your book more attractive for Amazon to promote, selecting bids, etc.

Ally Machate

The Business Questions To Ask Yourself, Before You Start Writing

In this expert session, Ally Machate shares her 3 and a quarter formula for design your publishing plan before you start writing. By answering these questions you can make better returns and a more marketable book and backend products.

Day 3

Eric Van Der Hope

Building a Facebook community from scratch

Want to build your own community but don’t know where to start? In this session, Eric shared the most important things that worked for him when building a community on Facebook, and how to get started. He also discussed tips and tricks on how to maintain, retain, and engage your community.

Leandre Larouche

Using SEO to Build Your Author Business

Leandre shares his journey of assisting individuals with their book projects and growing his audience. We cover the writing techniques and how Leandre uses AI for content creation. We also speak about using SEO, how to write top-ranking content, and the use of lead magnets to generate high-quality traffic and grow your audience.

Carissa Andrews

Use AI as a Critique Partner to Help You Write Even Better

We discuss why you should not be afraid of AI. We also go into a step-by-step process, with prompts, of how to use AI to help you become an even better writer. For example, how to use AI to develop even more interesting characters, help you craft your story, using AI as an ideation partner. We also cover direct sales. Lastly, we cover re-wiring your brain to get rid of self-limiting beliefs.

Lise Cartwright

Run Simple Collaboration Events and Grow Your list Faster

Add 300-2000 people per collaboration event every month. Lise teaches you how to do it for your business with no additional cash investment, as long as you have the basic tools already in place, like the ability to set up a landing page and track clicks.

Marcy Pusey

Being Good Stewards of Our Story

We cover incorporating story elements to help readers connect with your writing. Positioning yourself as a guide along the way and treating your readers as a hero. Teaching people to fish, empowering people. Letting your voice come out. Not burning yourself while doing marketing and marketing in a way that gets you excited.

Katrina Sawa

Earn More Money from Your Book with Better Marketing, Upsell Offers & More!

Learn how Katrina uses her books to build a marketing juggernaut for her other offers, which in turn sell more of her books.

Day 4

Jenn Foster

An Unusual Way to Use Your Podcast to Grow Your Client Base

Jenn has been using her podcast to find 15-20% of her new clients for the past 8 years. She doesn't use it the way most people do, and her approach might be just what your business needs. Jenn covers all the key areas of her system that result in consistent business referrals. She also shares her favorite AI tools, her approach to offline networking, and the biggest mistake she sees authors make.

Richard McCartney

Best Ways to Promote Your Book in 2023

Richard McCartney shares the best ways to promote a book from a time investment and effectiveness perspective. He covers the best promotion sites and how to pitch your book to promotion sites. Lastly, Richard shares a free and highly useful book category tool for Amazon.

Julie Broad

Use Your Book to Become In-Demand Speaker

We cover how to use your book to become a more in-demand speaker, what you should select from your book to center your talk around, how to find your first speaking engagements, which places are always looking for content and speakers, and YouTube secrets to help your channel grow faster.

Lisa Mullis

Copywriting Tips to Help You Sell More Books

We cover understanding different types of buyers, tips for putting together your landing page, and how to put together an effective hook. We also cover using AI tools to improve your copywriting, what you should be careful about when using AI tools, and what are situations when you should not be using AI tools.

Melanie Johnson

AI Revolution: Crafting Bestsellers in the New Age of Publishing

AI is here to stay, so don't fight it. Embrace it. In this session, Melanie shows you how to use AI to your advantage when writing a book and marketing your business. She also talks about useful AI tools for book writing, how to use social media to build your business, and tips on how to keep your book alive.

Paula Judith Johnson

Build A Business this Year using Email List Building

In this expert session, Paula shares how one year ago, she was a fiction author looking for a way to turn her passion into a business. Two summits and a couple of courses later, and she is a force in the books business.

Day 5

Marcia Layton Turner

How Ghostwriters Can Help You Get More Done

Learn from the founder of the Association of Ghostwriters, who wrote, co-wrote, or ghostwritten over 75 business books, including bestselling books. We cover how to find a great ghostwriter, how much you should pay, how to manage the process, and some of the key tips for writing bestselling business books.

Philip Duncan

Adding 100+ Subscribers Per Week through Story Origin

How to use Story Origin and Book Funnel to grow your email list as much as 100+ subscribers per week, even if you are not the most tech-savvy person. We discuss using newsletter swaps and group promos/giveaways. We cover enough information for you to be able to start using Story Origin today, down to the details, such as connecting your email service provider to Story Origin to avoid manually updating.

Dan Morris

How to Every Single Day Find the People Who Need What You Do Right Now

How to find local content producers who are looking to highlight you to their audience, and how to reach out to them. We discuss specifically the kind of content producers you should seek because they have a vested interest in hearing your story and highlighting your work. Dan also shares his strategy to find free marketing opportunities for your business. How to every single day find the people who need what you do right now?

Daniel Throssell

Copywriting Masterclass by Australia’s Best Copywriter

In this session, you'll learn the tips and tricks that helped Daniel become Australia's best copywriter. He generously shares how to create great emails, how to come up with what to write about in your emails, how Daniel writes a daily email without missing any days, the format you can use for your emails, how to come up with good subject lines, and how to keep your emails fun and engaging. Daniel also discusses coming up with a persona for your business and shares some very helpful insights on offering a paid newsletter.

Kim Krause Schwalm

A-list Copywriter Shares Tips on Making Your Emails Better

Learn from an A-list copywriter who beats the controls left and right. Kim is sharing tips on how yo can become dangerously good at copywriting. We cover developing a company brand, how to write better subject lines, how to keep the reader's attention, how much of your offer you should describe in your emails, and more.

Brad Hart

How To Build A Mastermind

Brad Hart of Make More Marbles, introduces the concept of creating your own mastermind to significantly increase the income on the back end of your book. In fact, he shares how he uses his book The 8 Minute Mastermind in his own business to do it.

Debby Sibert

Unlock the Secrets of Getting Reviews and Building Social Proof

In this intriguing interview, Ray sits down with the remarkable Debby Sibert, founder of Get Books Reviewed. Together, they uncover the secrets to acquiring valuable reviews and building social proof for authors. With her innovative platform, Debby has created a safe and ethical way to connect authors with genuine reviewers, ensuring credibility and higher rankings. Don't miss out on this insightful session that unveils the power of reviews and how they can impact your book's performance.

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Meet Your Host Kristina Safarova

Kris Safarova is the CEO of StrategyTraining.com, Firmsconsulting.com, and an author of over 20 books, including # 1 bestsellers like Succeeding as a Management Consultant. She was recognized among the top 30 world management professionals of 2023. A former concert pianist, Big 4 consultant, and $1B portfolio corporate banker.

Meet Your Host Ray Brehm

Ray Brehm is USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, and the founder of Pubfunnels™, the #1 Business Hub for Authors.

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